Exam Fever: Toppers VS BackBenchers

Exams are the nightmares of every student. Everyone copes with them differently. If you are an average student, you will start studying before a week. If you are among the fearless backbenchers, you might start the night before. But, if you fall among the rare “topper” category, then you are ready for a fierce struggle among your rivals to grab the highest grade. The average student goes through the exams in an ordinary manner, but there is a definite contrast between how the toppers and the last benchers go through this ordeal.

Before exams

Exams bring out the genius within every student. Even rocket science can be learnt within a week and you don’t need any sleep during this period. You can see the last benchers wander around the college pleading for attendances and exam passes from teachers. This is the period where all the backbenchers bring out medical certificates for typhoid or jaundice that.

Whereas, the toppers hide in their rooms with the phone switched off hoping no one will find them and ask them to teach the whole course in a week.

The Notes

You may have seen those notes with colorful highlights and beautiful pictures which look like a piece of art, and the notes which can be barely understood even by doctors. The backbenchers try to find that “bakra” who will give them their notes.

Whereas the toppers might not get a single call during regular days, but during exam session, they are MVP of the whole class. They get a celebrity status during the exam week where they have 100’s of “hot chicks” or “Cool Dudes” messaging them all over social media. (Miraculously, they are forgotten until the next exams.)

Phone calls

Phone companies surely make a lot of money during the exams. Some people call to check on their rival’s progress while others call to find a companion who has been as lazy as them. When you talk with the toppers (If they pick up), they will always tell you that they haven’t finished yet and there is too much content to study.

The back bencher’s statement will be similar to “ Dude, I haven’t started yet but 1st unit to 3rd unit will take 5 hours at most and  “ x ” said the 5th unit isn’t coming on exams.  Aaja sutta marne jate hai.”

On exam day

Finally, when the judgment day arrives, the morning goes like this in a diligent students life:

  • You wake up early and get freshened up with shower and breakfast.
  • Revise the whole course for the 5th and the last time.
  • Get to the exam hall half an hour before the assigned time.

The morning of the backbenchers goes like this:

  • You haven’t slept because the 1st unit you started at 6 PM took you 6 hours by itself and the 5th unit you thought was not in the exams is going to come for 50 marks.
  • Read everything that’s in front of you and pray to god that you turn into Einstein for today.
  • Sit outside the exam hall asking the diligent ones to teach you nuclear science 5 minutes before the bell rings for the exams.

During the Exams

Ohh backbenchers, I know you are swimming in fire. ( Been there done that). You can vaguely remember a word in that 20 marks question. So, you remember everything you have learned about the subject and write the same thing at least 3 times to make it longer.

When it comes to the toppers, The backbenchers are yelling their name from front and behind. But they know, once they answer a single question, there will be a questions coming from left and right. So, they take the easiest way out – “Act deaf – Shhh no one will know you can listen to them”.

When the exams are done for the day

Backbenchers – “Dude, attended 60 marks, man. I think I’m gonna pass (They have already forgotten, the 40 marks that they attempted was complete nonsense)” Thoda sa jyada padta to 100 mai 100.

Toppers  – “I put ‘a’ instead of ‘an’ before that vowel in my 3rd sentence. How could I make such a big mistake? The professor is gonna deduct 1 marks for that . ‘Topper x’ is surely gonna beat me this time” ( sits in the corner and cries)

Exams are finally Over

It doesn’t matter if you are a topper or a backbencher, completion of exams are always festive. Some show it by tearing their question papers while others are on the way to a bar.


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Exam Fever: Toppers VS BackBenchers

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