Cricket fans in India VS Cricket fans in the World: Crazy Facts

The world is crazy and brimming with Football fans, but cricket is the craze in India. Cricket fans in India are the species whose likes are rare to find in the rest of the world!! Wondering why? Check out this roundup!

Cricket fans in India VS Cricket Fans in the World

1) God is One, and we mean Sachin

For other countries, God is Allah, Christ or Buddha.

But for Indian cricket fans, Sachin is the man up there.

Cheers ‘Sachin…Sachin!!!’ 

2) My Fav Player in Bad Form? STFU

Every sportsperson goes through injuries and bad form and the international fans support their board’s decision which is usually for the good sake of the team.

In India, a cricket lover’s favourite cricketer can NEVER be in bad form. The match is either fixed or the umpire sucks or the weather is not perfect or maybe it’s a result of demonetization. Our darling players are always in form.

3) The Sassy Placards

The downright hilarious placards! You will see cheerful and motivating placards in International stadiums, but when in India, there’s a wholesome cuisine of romantic proposals, punju love for Yuvi, Bhajji, Chintu, rivalry communiqués, and a lot more.

Image result for placard zaheer khan

4) Bartering with God

Cricket enthusiast fans in India can be seen pledging God (not Sachin, but the one in dictionary) to offer more study time. Devoting their hair, abandoning stalking, visiting temple from next saturday, quitting non-veg, alcohol, air, water, mercury, vacuum are the award winning techniques of winning the match. Bargaining runs in our blood and we do not spare Gods.

Cricket fans in india, angry cricket fans

International fans keep Gods out of such petty matters.

5) ‘Hey Raaam’

Superstitions are sky high during the world cup matches and milky way high if it is against Pakistan.

Sitting in a particular position, wearing the same lucky t-shirt, holding the lucky charm and watching the match at a lucky place.. these are the sure-shot success mantras. We know you have something to add to the list.

superstitions in india, cricket fans in india

International fans on superstition:

6) Fight Clubs

Yuvi Fans VS Dhoni Fans

Gambhir Fans VS Dhoni Fans

Virat Fans VS Dhoni Fans

Ganguly Fans VS Dhoni Fans

Sums it all

Pitch Perfect angry coffee mad chloe

International Fans: I don’t.. give a .. Faaak (in tune)

7) The Indo-Pak Match

International teams playing against Pakistan feel confident because..

i) obvious reasons

ii) I repeat: obvious reasons

In India, you can see Cricket fans in India indoors during an Indo-Pak match than during a curfew. In fact, we believe, the best way to keep people at home during riots and protests is spreading rumours about a match against Pakistan.

NDTV Headlines: Watch live coverage of Pathankot attacks  Indo VS Pak.

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Cricket fans in India VS Cricket fans in the World: Crazy Facts

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