Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael Nadal

The final for the 18th Grand slam event has left all Nadal fans cringing. Roger Federer is the ultimate winner! The Australian Open Final 2017 has come to an end with Roger Federer winning the final. Ending one of the best tennis matches ever, Federer’s greatest victory, he has defeated Rafael Nadal. The Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael Nadal was held at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

The 35-year-old player beat Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 3-6, 6-3 to finish his fifth Australian Open title in classic style. Literally! The duo was competing for the ninth time in the Australian Open final. This was the fist time since 2011 that the duo locked horns.

Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael Nadal

The match has been no less than a rollercoaster ride for the flawless players as well as viewers alike. Twitter, Facebook and various social media platforms have been buzzing with restless updates from fans much before the beginning of the match.

The spectators and Twitterati, seemingly wonderstruck, did not refrain from tweeting about the series of events. The Twitterati, before the match, had lined up a number of memes. That’s exactly why we love the Twitterati, don’t we?

Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael NadalImage Source: Filter Copy

Then there were those spoilers who tried to predict the outcome, “If Federer wins, Twitter be like, ‘Roger Federer, champion for life!’ If Nadal wins, “Both are phenomenal players, doesn’t matter who wins!'” Others were simply open-mouthed at Federer’s aggressive game and Nadal’s diligent effort. The match was a great view for the spectators as both the players are extraordinary at their game.

Ultimately, it was Federer who walked away with the title.  The below pictures and gifs brilliantly capture the legend’s expression when reality finally strikes. And, we are totally in awe of the super adorable moment with his wife, Mirika in the frame.

Adorable much?

And there is Federer in full swing

Almost in tears!

Federer speaks!

The official page of Australian Open tweeted what Federer had to say about the match and we are gushing over his sportsman spirit. Way to go Federer!!

Further, here is some expert advice by the phenomenal player. This hard, fellas!

We love you Nadal

The world knows what a hard-working player Nadal is, just this time luck has not been in his favor. In fact, the official twitter page of Australian Open even tweeted about how he is still a winner. We love you, Nadal. He might not have won the Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael Nadal but for us, he is still a winner.

Federer’s win is as epic as it sounds. We love both of em, don’t we?

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Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer Versus Rafael Nadal

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