Beauty and the Beast 2017 Final trailer : Now and Then

The final trailer of the highly anticipated Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture’s Beauty and the Beast is out. The trailer of the highly anticipated Disney’s live action movie has left fans mesmerised. The duet by Ariana Grande and John Legend of the title song is something to look forward to. The new version of the old title song gives an entirely new feel to this New Age Romance Saga. We have embedded all the trailers just for your viewing delight.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)
The Beast (Dan Stevens) and Belle (Emma Watson) in the castle library

Beauty and the Beast – US Official Final Trailer

The trailer of the film displays a number of unforgettable moments. The movie plot has a lot of resemblance with the Original Movie which was released more than 25 years back. The trailer was gracefully embraced by all the fans breaking the record for the most views in 24 hours. The Remake of the Classic 1991 animation starring Emma Watson and Downtown Abbey’s Dan Stevens has already started created waves among its fans. The Movie will hit the theatres on March 17, 2017.

What to look forward to

The Live-Action Adaptation of the Oscar Winning 1991 Animated Musical stars Emma Watson as Belle,  Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza and Dan Stevens as the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is basically a flawless movie with impeccable music and visuals. The Magical Visuals, awesome fairy tale storyline and Ariana Grande and John Legend’s  new version of the title song is something you can’t miss!

Trailer Highlights

The trailer starts with Belle played by Emma Watson leaving her house on the way to her town where she lives with her father Maurice  played by Kevin kline. Then we see Belle reading books to the kids in the village to which his father says ” My dear Belle, you are so ahead of your time. This is a small village. And it’s small-minded as well. But small also means safe.’ In the next scene, we see a sight of the narcissistic mind of Gaston played by Luke Evans saying ” You are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Nobody deserves you’.

The sequence of events remains quite similar to the original movie. We then see Belle coming to the castle in the search of her father. As we see her entering the big wooden doors of the castle she encounters the mighty beast, Dan Stevens. We then see the unlikely Romance of “Beauty and the Beast”.

The trailers also feature the iconic dance scene where we see Belle wearing the amazing yellow ball gown. Furthermore, for the delight of all the fans, we see “The Beauty” and “The Beast” dancing to the sounds of Ariana  Grande and John Legend. Not to disappoint huge fans the movie also features songs from the Original Movie.

Old Trailer

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Beauty and the Beast 2017 Final trailer : Now and Then

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