Bihar SSC’s Admit Card Blunder: Honest Mistake or Outright Negligence?

A Bihar Girl got the shock of her life after looking at the photo affixed on her admit card. After the famous Ruby Rai scam had come to light, everybody thought the Bihar academia would have learned their lesson.

Just when we thought the academic situation of Bihar is progressing, the Bihar Staff Selection Commission has left us bewildered.

Another blot on Bihar education system

Bihar SSC’s admit card blunder has been doing rounds of various social media websites. This latest goof up by the Bihar education system has brought shame to the state.

This lapse by the Bihar government acts as a catalyst to lose trust in the education system. However, the recent incident has brought more shame and stigma to the Bihar government.

The Incident

The Bihar Staff Selection Commission has given a girl the shock of her life. The girl, a resident of Nalanda district in Bihar, found the image of a topless actress on her admit card.

The girl is appearing for SSC Intermediate level exam which is being conducted on February 26. The Bihar Staff Selection Commission had issued the admit card on January 8.

As per a report in Hindi daily Prabhat Khabar, the girl appearing for the SSC Intermediate Level exam, received the admit card with an obscene image. In place of her original photograph, was the topless photograph of a popular actress.

The Viral Admit Card

A photograph of the admit card has gone viral on various social media websites and has left the concerned authorities red-faced.

Bihar SSC's admit card blunder; goof up by bihar ssc, lapse by bihar ssc

The Probable Reason

Baffled at the reason behind this earnest mistake? Supposedly, the girl’s name matches the name of some popular actress. Just the first name, not the surname. Now that’s a pretty lame reason, isn’t it?

The mistake is proving too costly for the BSSC as the photograph of the admit card has gone viral on social media websites. A number of social media websites say that Bihar SSC’s admit card blunder is disgraceful.


The Bihar education system has widely been put to blame earlier as well. We all remember the infamous Ruby Rai scandal. The state topper for class XII, humanities stream, Ms. Ruby Rai could not answer even the basic questions.
Here is a popular illustration done on the girl when the incident came to light.

Image result for bihar education system

After this incident, we thought the Bihar government would improve a little bit. However, after the most recent incident has come to light, the BSSC is yet to issue a statement.

TheFractions Take

Well, whatever the BSSC may say now, the damage cannot be undone. There have been way too many incidents that have created an iniquitous image of Bihar education system. Taking note of the various incidents last year and this year, the Bihar government must intervene and try to understand where they are lagging behind.

If incidents like these keep coming to light, the Bihar education system would face some serious bashing. Steps to ensure the Bihar education system improves are a must. If the scenario does not change, the people would lose trust in the education system. All in all, we hope the Bihar education system understands this and improves the situation.

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Bihar SSC’s Admit Card Blunder: Honest Mistake or Outright Negligence?

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