The Battle of Hollywood Debut: Deepika vs Priyanka

Bollywood is going oversees, and the two of the biggest stars of it are all set to slay the floor. Deepika Padukone is already up with her xXx: The return of Xander Cage as Serena Unger alongside Samuel Jackson and Vin Diesel. On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra also will be making her debut in the adaptation of famous TV series Baywatch, with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Both the divas have ruled the Bollywood industry. And now, are all set to conquer the world of Hollywood. And here on, starts the battle of Hollywood: Deepika vs Priyanka!

Who is Gonna Win! Deepika vs Priyanka

It’s turning out quite a damn hot face-off between Deepika and Priyanka. Since the trailer has been released last year only. The battle is on since then. Deepika being up with her debut, people are now waiting for Priyanka. Let’s see whose gonna take the match!

Which of the two WOWed more with the trailer!

While you all already saw the glimpse of Deepika’s promising appearance in the trailer of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Priyanka also hits the floor with her hot glimpse in the Baywatch’s sneak peak.

Deepika: Equally Deepika is no less. Playing a badass role as Serena, she just left the watching eyes sparkling. In terms of wowing the trailer, Deepika took a few more points. She had an overall screen time of 17 seconds. And it even gave the idea that Deepika is in the central role. She killed it then and there.

 Deepika vs Priyanka, deepika in action, deepika and vin diesel

Priyanka: Though she appeared just for a second, but she slayed the screen with her sexy deep neckline shirt. The attitude she possessed within that one second just can’t be explained. Of course, it was an injustice to her sexiness, but she blew all the minds with that one second look.

Deepika vs Priyanka, Priyanka in the baywatch, trailer of baywatch

Who landed in a better Role?

Both the ladies are dazzling with their debut, one is already on the floor, the other one is set to rock it. However, reports urge Deepika’s role to be more worthwhile than Priyanka in her movie.

Deepika; Deepika’s role in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, opposite Vin Diesel has more weight than PeeCee in Baywatch. Deepika plays Serena, a badass girl who gives tit for tat. And, she is also the love interest of Vin Diesel, which adds more value to her role. She is no pushover in the plot and doesn’t play an Indian. Playing a more substantial role than Priyanka, she bagged few more points in the match.

Deepika vs Priyanka, deepika in xxx, Deepika in hollywood

Priyanka: As quoted by SKJ Bollywood News, the actress who gets cast with Dwayne Johnson doesn’t get much role to play in the movie. So is the case with Priyanka in Baywatch. Sources say that, PeeCee’s Indian fans will get disappointed by the length of her role in the movie. But, on the other hand, she will be a surprise for the US audience. She is playing a negative role.

Deepika vs Priyanka, priyanka in quantico, priyanka in baywatch,

Hollywood Clash: Deepika vs Priyanka

Both the actors were last seen together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani and tasted a great success. But now they are standing opposite each other. They stood on the heights of success in Bollywood and now are all up to get the Hollywood viewers behind them.

Deepika: As, Deepika is new to the industry she did a lot of hard-work. Being casted opposite Vin Diesel is not easy. And, being unknown to the audience, it will be a bit tough for her to get her feet inside. In this term, she is just a step behind Priyanka.

Deepika vs Priyanka, xxx, hollywood debut

Priyanka: Priyanka has already worked in a TV series- Quantico, before her debut. As a result, she already has a good fan following which is an advantage to her in this battle.

Deepika vs Priyanka, priyanka with fan, priyanka in US

Wooaahhh! The clash is getting very interesting, as both the stars are starting fresh in an unplumbed territory. While xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is almost a reboot to the franchise as the makers are coming out with the film almost after a decade. And likewise, Baywatch is a standalone fresh start based on a TV series starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Support your favorite lady in the comment section.



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The Battle of Hollywood Debut: Deepika vs Priyanka

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