Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu: Fight for Pride against Government!

Tamil Nadu is in a state of hardships since the past week. The fight is for the traditional sport- Jallikattu-culture of Tamil Nadu. In 2014, PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, referred a notice to the Supreme Court to put a compete ban on the sport. The animal right organization filed an application with reference to ‘The Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals Act 1960’ in the hon’ble Supreme Court.

As per the NGO, the custom is a cause of excruciating pain and torture to animals. However, have these funded organizations completely overlooked the cultural beliefs and sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu?

There needs to be a legitimate and unbiased analysis of both sides of the story.

Tamil Nadu unites against the jab on its traditional pride!

After the ban on the Jallikattu by Supreme Court in 2014, the effects or side effects came into light in 2015. Consequently, the Central Government passed an order to ban the ritual completely. The move followed the request of the Tamil Nadu Government. As a result, the people of Tamil Nadu were enraged and the Tamil Nadu witnessed unprecedented unison to lift the ban.

How Jallikattu started in Tamil Nadu?

Jallikattu is a festive sport in Tamil Nadu which has been into force since centuries. The local festival is a part of the celebrations of the traditional festival, Pongal. The controversial custom involves the release of the Bull in a crowd of people who take the challenge to slow down the Bull by empowering it physically.

The threads connected to the Ancient Times

Jallikattu is an ancient sport. The word speaks for itself – Jalli/Salli means ‘gold coins’ and Kattu means ‘tie’. So it means tied gold coins. During the rule of the Nayaka Kings, gold coins, wrapped in a cloth were tied to the horns of the Bull.

During the rule of the Nayaka Kings, gold coins, wrapped in a cloth were tied to the horns of the Bull. Afterward, a participant would hang onto the hump of the Bull in order to empower it. And then, untie the cloth to get the coins. The only way to claim this prize was to enclasp the hump of the Bull for a longer time. That too, without getting hit.

Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

The ritual was hailed in full swing and ultimately became an integral part of Tamil Nadu. Youngsters and people of every caste and class take part in Jallikattu.

Presently, there is an unbiased perspective, where it’s human and their cattle, nothing more and nothing less.

Why Jallikattu, the culture of Tamil Nadu should not be banned!

There is the dignifying perspective in the concern of the people of the Tamil Nadu. Thereupon, it would be useful to understand the importance associated with the significant factors behind the sport. And also, why it continued to be the symbol of valor and productivity.

Cultural Beliefs of People behind Jallikattu

As the sport is rooted to the ancient times, people have their cultural threads attached to the sport. It is their ancestral tradition. Now, the sport has become a matter of cultural identity. Even those who have different opinions regarding sports have whole-heartedly extended their support to Jallikattu.

Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

Significance of Bull and Honoring Bull owner

The significance is of the bull is important. Bull symbolizes power, masochism. Domestication of Bull requires fearfulness, strength. And, in Tamil Nadu, people domesticate Bull for Jallikattu and get appropriate training. In addition, it is the game that honors the Bull owner. So it’s purely a matter of pride to play this game. It continues to be the representation of daring and efficiency.

Moreover, Jallikattu is a game of celebration on the occasion of Pongal. And, Pongal is a harvest festival. Consequently, Bull who helps farmers in harvesting are the important part of the sport.

Forbidding Jallikattu Will Decimate India’s Indigenous Cattle Breeds

The ban on Jallikattu, will compel the farmers to abandon the raising of local domesticated animals. And, as of now stands undermined because of the broad utilization of engine pumps, tractors and motorized farming.

Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

Ban over Jallikattu will destruct the local livestock breeds of the Bull

Balakumar Somu, an animals’ rights activist from Coimbatore, runs a site called Jallikattu.in. He has been battling for the dismissal of the ban against the game.

People in Tamil Nadu raise the stud bulls and for this motion, this game is held. It shows the quality of the bulls.The ban will prompt to the destruction of the local breeds of bulls, on the name of animal rights’ organization. And additionally it will stop the breeding of healthy and solid bulls. This will at last lead to the loss of cattle rearing conventions in those zones, extinguishing whole species in everywhere throughout the locale.

What the Protesters’ want!

In order to demolish the ban over Jallikattu Protesters were demanding some rules to get adjusted. And were also giving some solutions to avoid the protest.

Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

Youth and Officials over Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

The protesters, for the most part youth and experts, say their battle is for their way of life and Tamil pride and reject the claim that Jallikattu is harmful to the bulls. They say that animal rights organization PETA, which has protested against Jallikatu, should be also get ban from the state.

The supporters of Jallikattu, say the law on brutality to animals must incorporate Jallikattu bulls on a list of trained animals as a part of the military or for instructive and logical purposes.

Image result for youth and official supporting jallikattu

Tamil Nadu Jallikattu federation’s take on the ban

The Tamil Nadu Jallikattu Federation is against a prohibition on the game yet it agrees that individuals should not hurt the bulls during the game. Numerous other Jallikattu supporters likewise contend against the ban yet to regulate the game to avert savagery to bulls.

 Present scenario over Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

On Tuesday, the Central Government informed the Supreme Court, that they are ready to issue the 2016 notification that allowed Jallikattu to be held. As, the Tamil Nadu state Government has passed the Bill.

Mukul Rohtagi- Attorney General said- “Center is willing to withdraw the 2016 notification in view of fresh legislation passed by Tamil Nadu assembly for allowing the bull taming sport.”

Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu

The sport should not get banned. Instead, Government should make the rules to avoid any harm to Bulls and the participants. Strike the comment section with your views guys!

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Jallikattu-Culture of Tamil Nadu: Fight for Pride against Government!

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