Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours vs Anticipation

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon be on the run. The smartphone with its high-end feature is about to get launched in May 2017 and is expected to avail on the market from April 2017. With 4200mah battery, an expected 30MP rear camera and 9MP front camera. It will be costing between Rs. 55000-65000. Here are the seven rumours that are hovering the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours vs Anticipation: 30MP Camera and what not!!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

1. The home button is expected to be a little different.

As per the rumour, the home button of Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to have a physical button slightly under the screen. It is also possible that it could look like the button somewhat like Xiaomi’s new Mi 5s smartphones. So eventually you will have to press the button physically to operate it.

2. Two models with different screen size.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have two separate models with separate screen size. However, the rumour as per the industry sources claims that the smaller screen will be 5.1″ inch whereas, the bigger screen will have 5.5″ inch screen. Furthermore, the latest talks claim that the smaller might have a 5.7″ screen and the Galaxy Plus or the bigger model could have a 6.7″ inch screen.

3. Both Galaxy S8 might have the curved screen but rumours say it might have a flat screen model too.

As per the rumour, both the Galaxy S8 might have a curved screen as per the industry sources. But the rumour is a mixed bag as there are sources who claim that Samsung will come up with the flat screen models too.

4. It could have a dual-lens camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a dual-lens camera as per the rumours. However, the industry sources claim that it will have a 16MP + 8MP camera which is supposed to have optical zoom instead of digital zoom. Still, it is a question of what the new camera function will unveil. On the other hand, Weibo claimed that they might have a 13 + 12-megapixel sensors.

5. Better Powerful Processors

The Galaxy S8 might have a Qualcomm Octa core 3.2 GHz Snapdragon 830 processor. Besides, in other countries, Samsung will use its Exynos Processor.

6. Introducing Samsung’s own AI Voice Assistant similar to Siri

Bixby – The voice assistant of Samsung Galaxy S8. It is expected to be similar to Cortana, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. These rumour has claimed from the source news which tells that Samsung bought the smart assistant company “Viv” in the year October 2015. Sources claim that Bixby can use your camera for smart search results.

7. It might come with the USB-C port instead of the micro USB.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to come with a USB-C port and it will not likely come up with the USB port. Furthermore, the industry has already started shifting to the Type C USB and Samsung has to keep up with the transition.

So what do you have in mind for this phone?? Share your opinions.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours vs Anticipation

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