Women’s March in Washington DC – The Inter-Sectional Feminism

The Women’s March in Washington DC is a women-led intersectional feminism movement. It will unite individuals of all sexes, ages, races, societies, political alliance and foundations in the country’s capital. The movement will assert our mutual mankind and declare our strong message of resistance and self-assurance. This movement will take place in Washington D.C on 21 January 2017 (Saturday). 50 states along with 32 other countries will participate in the sister march. The mainstream framed anecdote about womanism that “women” is a singular concept. As a matter of fact, women have different identities, which include race, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation. These social differences are the reason why women face more difficulties in the society.

Women's March in Washington D.C

With Donald Trump today sworn as the president and the Women’s March on Washington tomorrow will set to mark his first official day in office, many women’s advocates say it is necessary to notice how these intersecting identities make some women more helpless. Women’s March is the march for human rights. However, this march will spread the message that women rights are also a human right and the women must be treated with equality.

Top 13 Reasons to Support the Women’s March in Washington DC on 21st January 2017

1. Because more than hundred different interest group who are fighting for the similar cause will be joining this movement.

2. Because Trump’s Government opposed abortion rights for women.

3. Because we all are humans before our gender, race, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation and we all should fight for the women to get them their human rights. And we should fight together as one being.

4. Because Women’s March is not only about America. Furthermore, it is about the women rights for the women of the world. It is a bold step taken by the organiser’s of Women March in the US.

5. Because more than 2,00,000 people are expected to join the march.

6. Because you believe that having an opinion for women in 2017 is a revolutionary act.

7. Because women have equal human rights as men and they have the rights to decide what they want to do with their life and body.

8. Because it is about The Intersectional Feminism and not just feminism.

9. Because this march will mark the women’s right to keep the body under a women’s possession. And it is an extreme line of defence now.

10. Because every gender who believes that women must have equal rights can participate and support the movement.

11. Because not the only USA but the entire world somehow are into this together and it is scary as hell.

12. Because even the disabled are taking part in the movement and you should too.

13. Because it is the first procession on the first day of Trump’s office as the President of the United States and he should listen to us.

Women's March in Washington DC - The Inter-Sectional Feminism Movement
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States, record numbers of women march along 5th Avenue, past a banner that reads ”Women of the World Unite!’, New York, New York, August 26, 1970.                                     Photo source: Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Image

So what is your view on Intersectional Feminism and about theWomen’s March?

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Women’s March in Washington DC – The Inter-Sectional Feminism

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