Male Spring Fashion 2017 Trends

Someone Rightly said, ” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” It is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. There was a time when people use to look up to celebs for the latest fashion trends. Times are changing; Everyone wants to have a unique fashion statement. So, we have compiled some of the best bold looks for all the adventurous souls out there to try out this spring. Here are the latest Male Spring Fashion Trends of the year 2017.

Male Spring Fashion 2017 Trends

Casual look for the lazy lad

The casual look has become quite widespread among the youths today. Casual look displays a more creative, innovative and personal expression of style. Not only casual clothes makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, but it also represents a unique sense of style which you can carry easily and make a good impression.



50 Shades of Spring

Spring has arrived, it’s time to make changes in your wardrobe with clothes with brighter shades and happy hue. Pastel shades have taken the spring by storm. Apart from pastel shades the color to look forward to during this spring is stone – the color between white and sandy beige. So, If you are interested in trying something trending this spring, you should definitely pay attention to the most desired color by designers this season. In addition to pastel shades, another color which is trending this spring among designers is purple. It’s a bold menswear move but its worth the risk.

Experimenting with stripes and squares

They say stripes and squares never run out of fashion. Well, It’s not absolutely true. Everyone has some stripes/squares clothes in their wardrobe. It’s time to think out of the box to accentuate your style statement.  Vertical stripes are trending this spring with variation in stripe width. You can also experiment by clashing pastel colors with darker ones. In addition to the traditional stripes, you can always choose to go with squares. Squares with different sizes and patterns are always trending.


The “PUNK” Look

For all the menswear punk maniacs who are obsessing about what to wear this spring. Don’t panic we have just got the most trending and most rebellious punk look you can try this spring. The Punk has always been a source of inspiration for most of the designers. Get Ready to try something more explicit. You can experiment with sleeveless jumpers, braces, acid splashed jeans and zipper trousers.

The Technical Outwear

Fashion and technology have always been complimenting each other. All the big fashion labels are displaying a technical parka or anorak cut from a waterproof fabric this spring season. The outfits have eye-catching colors and patterns with high-end hardware and detailing.

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Male Spring Fashion 2017 Trends

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