Curiosity vs Technology – 5 Tech Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Technology has come through a long journey and it is still progressing. From Windows 98 to Android. From Horse Wagons to SpaceX Hyperloop and from toys to robotic toys. The entire world is changed. It is like as if we are living the future which we have seen or read only in books and movies. In a very short frame of realization but in a long frame of time. The world of today is the world of future. With amazing inventions and advancement in technology, the world will soon meet a number of miraculous techs which will change the lifestyle we have been wearing right now. But, to be focused on the moment, you must know about these 5 Tech Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind.

5 Tech Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind – When Curiosity meets Technology!!

1. Yo Kit – The Fertility Testing App

For those men in doubt, here is a worthy kit for you. If you have forgotten to track your fertility health then you should order this gadget right away. Yo Kit tests your sperm quality and will give you the result in a matter of seconds. Using this kit will just make you smart before you plan your child. So each time you find your sperm quality is low. You need to focus on your health instantly.

Yo Kit Tech Inventions

2. SGNL – The Smart Strap

An amusing invention and progress in the family of the smart watch. Sgnl is a smart strap that allows you to answer phone calls through your fingertips. The only way to use it is to put your fingertip on your ear. Another best feature is that you can replace the strap of your existing smart watch or your non-smart classic watch with the smart strap. The product will release in the market, but you got the choice to pre-order now.

Smart Strap Tech Inventions

3. Go Touch “Interactive”

You will no more hustle explaining your presentation anymore. The Go Touch projection will make it completely simple for you. This gadget is easy-to-use, portable and transforms any TV or projector into an interactive whiteboard. The best thing is that you can write and draw on the same. The Go Touch pen helps you to draw on the keyboard. The gadget uses a high-tech infrared technology. With the support of Internet. Students, office colleagues or the team can join the session.

Go Touch Tech Inventions

4. Cozmo by Anki

If you are getting bored and want to play with someone. Then do not be sad. Here is a play buddy for you. It’s Cozmo!! The tiny robot who understands emotions and loves to play with you. This tiny robot which looks like a mini mars rover has a high-tech motion system with five gears, it has got emotions which will make you feel adorable towards it. The most amusing thing about the robot is that it recognizes you and remembers you in every interaction. Cozmo is available in the market and is an impressing innovation in the autonomous world.

Cozmo Tech Inventions

5. Tapia

The robotic personal assistant for you. Tapia is not just the machine and an amazing tech inventions. It is rather like your friend. This little device can change the way you live in your house. This machine controls the handsfree media and IoT devices in your home. Organizes and schedules your routine. Informs you about the latest news and the weather updates. It is a very important thing in today’s world where we need to extra care for the aging society and the little kids. Not only this but, Tapia can read printed papers for you. It helps you to make video calls and talk to your friends and relatives. Tapia recognizes your voice and face and it makes sure everything is fine when you don’t respond to it. In short, it has a strong safety monitoring feature. Tapia’s conversation ability is very strong and you will be surprised with what she says.

Tech Inventions Tapia Robot IoT

Go spend some money and subscribe yourself into the future!!


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Curiosity vs Technology – 5 Tech Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

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