7 Ted Talks Which Are Solely Made for Women of Today’s Generation

These seven TED Talks which are solely made for Women of Today’s Generation. Feminism is the topic of concern these days. The fight for the empowerment of women is essential for our modern society.

7 Ted Talks Which Are Solely Made for Women of Today’s Generation

7 Ted Talks Every Women Must Listen

However, gender equality is a genuine reason which deserves a place in our mind. To all those who believe feminism is a drama, they have a complete wrong misconception. Feminism is the movement of providing women equal right, powers, and respect for men.

They belong to the same human race. And women have the same right just like all of us. One of the core challenges women go through after emotional support is the skills. For women to do something in the society. Power is needed. Whereas, it is crucial that we deliver the support to these women.

1. How Body Language Shape You? By Amy Cuddy

In the video “Your body language shapes who you are.” talks about how the human uses body language in several different situations and then uses it to trigger an individual behavior with us. If you know the right body language, then things are surely going to work from the other side.

2. How to Stop Screwing Oneself? By Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins spoke about “How to stop screwing yourself over?” in the TED Talks. Depression and Anxiety is a leading cause in the modern world. Besides men. Most women go through a nervous situation and listening to this video will surely help you.

3. Look Doesn’t Matter by Cameron Russell

In the TED Talk video “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me; I’m a model”. Cameron Russell speaks that everyone should hold the power of their self-image along with one’s perceived failure and success.

4. Everyone should be a feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi

The TED Talks video “We should all be feminists” will tell you the real picture of feminism. Chimamanda speaks about the behaviors that suppress woman in the society. She tells everyone the true meaning of “Feminism.” Her experiences from the community will give you enough reason for any woman to stand up and fight for their rights. Her message is just not for women but also for all men in the society.

5. The need to Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

The renowned author of the book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg speaks about “Why we have too few women leaders?” in the TED Talk show. She tells the requirement for women to be strong and persistent. She speaks about the challenges that women face while climbing the corporate ladder. One must watch the video.

6. What would you do before you die? By Candy Chang

Candy came with this remarkable speech in TED Talks. Her speech “Before I die, I want to…” describes how we live our life thinking about so many relations and mundane things. Hence, we forget to prepare for our death. We forgot about ourselves. Listen to her short speech which will touch your heart and will help you to find out, what is that you want.

7. The Right to Gender Equality by Manal al-Sharif

Every woman has the right to do whatever they wish to do. Nothing claims that women are supposed to stay suppressed in front of the society. Manal al-Sharif in her video at TED Talks “A Saudi woman who dared to drive” speaks about how the society restrains women with various contradiction. She got arrested for driving a car in Saudi Arabia. She stood up to fight for her rights and speaks about her journey. Her story determines the strength women have in them. She tells in her video that if the women believe in herself than she can surely be successful.

What are your insights on feminism? What other steps shall we take towards gender equality? Share us your suggestions.

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7 Ted Talks Which Are Solely Made for Women of Today’s Generation

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