Here Is How You Can Know Whether Your Partner Is a ‘Cheating Partner’: The Cheater vs the Cheated

As it typically goes, if you have a reason to suspect your partner is cheating, something is definitely fishy. If you feel your guy is up to some shit, chances are that you are right. You partner might be a ‘cheating partner’. Trust your gut always! And, trust us, Ignoring those frequent signals will only make it worse. And, if you are in some sort of doubt, check to see if he is into any of these nitty-gritties.

Nab the ‘Cheating Partner’

To help get rid of the line between suspicion and the truth, we have compiled a list. A list of 10 things which show that your partner is the ‘Cheating Partner’.

Takes their phone to the washroom

Woah! He’s just going to the washroom for like 50 seconds or maximum 5 minutes (poop alert guys!). He doesn’t really need his phone there unless his phone has something he doesn’t want you to see. So if he takes his phone with him to the washroom, you need to be a little more alert peeps!

Airplane Mode Alert

You ask him for the phone and he gives it to you but only after he puts it on aeroplane mode. Of course, he does that so any messages or calls can’t come in. Dude, not happening! There is something extremely fishy here. Check on your partner because chances are he is the ‘cheating partner’.

Meeting their friends is always a NO

Either his friends are always ‘busy’ or they are ‘out of town’. Also, even though you hang out a lot with him, you rarely get to meet his friends. You really need to worry a bit if your partner never makes you meet his friends. Switch on your research cap and find out what’s wrong here. Do it, just do it.

Always has a reason why he CANNOT meet

You want to meet your guy/ guy as much as you can but you don’t really get similar vibes from his side. Either he’ll get off from work late or his mom just called for something or whatever. He always has the reason ready and you just can’t figure out what is wrong. In this case, you need to check on your partner guys. Something is definitely wrong here.

Takes so much time to text you back

Of course he will take time to text you back because he is busy texting other girls. Trust us on this fellas, if he takes forever to text you, check on him. RIGHT NOW. Don’t trust him blindly on this. JUST DON’T.

cheating partner

You catch him lying so many times

You catch him lying so many times on so many random things. A guy who loves you will never lie to you. Seriously! Lying is a big NO NO in a serious relationship and

cheating partner

Do you feel your partner does these things to you? We’re not scaring you off but you really need to worry here. Check on him and look for other signs as well. Spare yourself from the emotional drama guys.

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Here Is How You Can Know Whether Your Partner Is a ‘Cheating Partner’: The Cheater vs the Cheated

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