Time to ‘turn-on’ your lady and spicen up the night: What you Do vs What you *SHOULD* be doing

Unfortunately, most of the men find it really difficult to turn on the women. They find it a whole day long process. For women, it’s just so easy to get you on point. But are you ready to turn the tables on her? Read here, how to turn on your lady!

How to Turn on Your Lady! Thrilling Tricks to Get Her on the Move

Get on your way to have her ready by starting with the steps below. Whether you are a new gamer or you just want to spice up your night routines, read the ways below on how to turn on your lady. If you will do these things, your lady would want to have sex all the time. Yeaaahhhh that’s true, try once!

1. Build the Sexual Tension Rather Than Just Following Your Urge Anytime

Instead of jumping on her whenever the urge in you strikes on, just flirt with her all day. Treat her extra special throughout the day. Start with a flirty morning text and continue with few more naughty texts. After all this, you might get a surprise back at home dude!

flirting, How to Turn on Your Lady

2. Engage in Foreplay Than Directly Going on to the Climax

Start with a smooth kiss on her lips. Instead of grabbing her boobs, get on her lips. Be gentle and keep kissing her. Go for a long record breaking intense kissing session. By the time you will get finish, she will be in the mood too 😉

foreplay with her, get her high, How to Turn on Your Lady

3. Whisper in Her Ears Than Just Stimulating Her Body

Tell her all the things you adore about her from your point of view. Instead of bracing her body, get on her mind. Say something sweet in her ears smoothly. Tell her those mushy mushy things came to your mind when you first saw her.

ear whispering with her, How to Turn on Your Lady

4. Go down on Her Rather Than Always Getting Her Down

Most of the men do this mistake. Don’t forget that women too loves to take a ride on! If you want respect you need to give respect. Likewise, if you want an orgasm then you should give orgasm. After you put your tongue in the middle of her legs, she will need something else between her legs.

going down on her, How to Turn on Your Lady

5. Touch on the Every Right Place Than That One Place

That place is not the only place that matters dude! In order to get her high touch every erogenous zones. Her neck, her nipples, her clit, her shoulders, don’t miss out on anything. It will make her to beg you to get inside her. Remember, every single place matters.

kissing on neck, How to Turn on Your Lady

6. Make Her Feel Beautiful Rather Than Unwanted

Try not to make her feel like you’re just laying down with her, because she’s there. Since she’s your sweetheart and you’re screwed over thanks to her. Make her feel special. Like she’s the sexiest lady on the planet and you will be see how she will surprise you!

make her feel beautiful while intercourse, How to Turn on Your Lady

7. Be Romantic Rather Than Just Wild

I know most of you will trigger with the statement that women like it wild. Yes, I agree she will like it wild but not in the beginning. Remember to get a hard-core experience, keep it smooth in the beginning. Be a cliche, buy her choclates, get her a rose, sprinkle rose petals over her, or plan a surprise. Be a bit mushy, even if she laughs over how corny or filmy you are getting, she will find it real sweet.

surprise night for her, How to Turn on Your Lady

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Time to ‘turn-on’ your lady and spicen up the night: What you Do vs What you *SHOULD* be doing

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