The Top 5 Underground Rappers 2017 Pure Dope: International MCs vs the Desi MCs

To those who know the meaning of Hip-Hop will agree, that rap and hip-hop are all about spreading messages which are socially conscious, positive, or anti-commercial. However, these days, Hip-Hop songs are less with lyrics and more about every other “Uber Cool” stuff in the world. Few rappers like Tupac and Big Notorious B.I.G taught us the art of rapping long back. You might perceive that underground rap artists might not be that good. But, as a matter of fact, there are way better underground rap performers than the commercialized ones.

Top 5 Underground Rap Artists: The International MCs vs the Desi MCs

Here are the Top 5 Underground Rap Singers – The International Hip-Hop MCs vs The Desi MCs

The Top 5 International Underground Rap Artists

1. Immortal Technique

Felipe Andres Coronel (stage name: Immortal Technique) is an American hip hop activist and artist. He is best known for his songs, which are, related to issues of politics, socialism, class struggle, etc.

2. Hopsin

Marcus Jamal Hopson (stage name: Hopsin) is an American Rapper, music producer, actor, and director. He belongs to California. Hopsin was signed to Ruthless Records, however, the later stage, he founded his own label Funk Volume.

3. Masta Ace

Duval Clear (stage name: Master Ace) Known for his distinct voice and rapping proficiency. Master Ace belongs to Brooklyn. He appeared on a classic “The Symphony” along with Juice Crew.

4. KRS-1

Lawrence Parker (stage name: KRS-1) is an American rapper. He is an occasional producer and is active in politics. KRS-1 started the “Stop the Violence Movement“. Another matter of fact is that KRS-1 is a supporter of veganism.

5. Cunninlynguists

Cunninlynguists is a trio from Kentucky. The group of three is formed by Deacon The Villain, Natti and Kno. The group is also into alternative hip-hop and owns a good number of labels and association.


The Top 5 Indian Underground Rap Artists

1. Naezy

Naved Shaikh aka Naezy is a rapper from Mumbai. He is a notably popular rapper in the hip-hop scene in India. His lyrics mostly contains the time we live in. The most amazing thing about Naezy is that the rapper has got a really impressive flow.


The rapper belongs from Aamchi Mumbai and has set fire not only in India but also abroad. Vivian Fernandes aka. Divine is a rapper you must listen if you wish to escape the shadows of Bollywood rap. Divine has come up with pretty genuine raps in the Indian hip hop industry. Last year, Divine’s “Jungli Sher” became a big hit. As a matter of fact, the song “Jungli Sher” was shot in 43 locations in Mumbai City and was shot with an iPhone. Who says you need to be in the industry to spread your melody?

3. Brodha V

The rapper came up with a different taste for rap in the industry. He is a pretty famous rapper and has also won the  GIMA Award for Best Music Debut Non-Film. Brodha V composed the Bollywood song Ready Steady Po ( Chennai Express). Brodha V belongs to Bangalore and got famous after his first album “Deathpunch”.

4. MC Prabh Deep

MC Prabh Deep Sagar is an MC from New Delhi, India. The singer comes in the front row when it comes to Delhi’s hip-hop scene. He is also famous for organizing MC battles in the city. His unique voice with a fusion of Punjabi lyrics makes his song crispy and trendy.

5. MC Tod Fod

MC Tod Fod is a rap group from Mumbai. The group composes songs under the genre Gujarati Hindi Rap. They have their own label “Bheja Fry Records” and is in affiliation under the “Bandish Projekt”. MC Tod Fod is focused towards Swadeshi Movement and they call their band members Swadesi.

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The Top 5 Underground Rappers 2017 Pure Dope: International MCs vs the Desi MCs

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