Birthdays as Kids V/S Birthdays as Adults

Birthdays are fun! No one wants to forget about the day for the whole year. Be it a kid or an adult, birthdays make everyone super excited. If today is your birthday, you know what excitement I am talking about. Be it dreaming for the favorite video game as the present or creating a facebook event for the invites, birthday party ideas for adults are totally different than the birthday party ideas for kids. I am going to arm you with all the differences in birthday party checklist for kids and adults.

Birthday Party Checklist For Kids V/S Adults

Birthdays without birthday party activities and expectations are not worth it. It is that one day in the whole year, where you feel like the king or the queen. But as we grow old, things change. You do not want the things in the same way as kids. Instead of a princess’ cake, you would expect the cake without your age written on it. Let’s have a look at these differences and feel how much the things have changed.

birthday party checklist

Birthday wishes

As Kids: You do not have that huge demands in mind. But, as kids those demands might seem like asking God to make you the richest person alive. As kids, you stay satisfied with just your favorite video game or the cake with your favorite cartoon character on that.

As Adults:  You have expectations. You are not happy being the king or the queen for just one day. But, you want it for the whole year. You want to be the richest person alive or get your crush as your love.

birthday party checklist


As Kids:  Handmade greetings or your mom calling your friends’ parents to send them home for the parties.

As Adults: Facebook events are cool. You create events and let them click on ‘Going’ option. If you have really good friends, you do not even need the event. Your friends will figure out everything and you just need to be there to pay the bill.

Birthday games

As Kids: From hide and seek to bash the piñata, you love these games and can play it without caring about being the birthday boy or birthday girl.

As Adults: Beer pong to never ending tequila marathons, you know you are going to drink the most. Birthday person needs to set the standards.

birthday party checklist


As Kids: One of the best parts of celebrating the birthday as a kid is getting favorite gifts. Every person brings along your favorite things to make you feel special.

birthday party checklist

As Adults: Ummm… Yes, you get some. But, it does not matter if they are actually for you. Your brother might surprise you with that amazing t-shirt, which will only fit him.


As Kids: You do not have to worry about anything. Your parents can very well take care of all.

As Adults: You are a grown up. You need to see who eats what and what and where the food should be ordered.

Dressing up

As Kids: Birthday aka the princess/king day. You know you’ll be the best dressed out of all the friends present.

birthday party checklist
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As Adults: You know it is your birthday, but you are too worried about over dressing. In the end, you end up wearing clothes which you might have worn two days back.

Make a Wish & Cut the cake

As Kids: You think about all the good things that you can get. From going to Disneyland to getting the dreamy color box, you wish all the dreams to come true.

As Adults: Now, you are practical. You have better dreams than getting a crayon box. You wish that you get laid with your crush or you do not get pregnant. Also, it is okay if you wish to get a million dollar check lying on the side of the road.

birthday party checklist

Birthday pictures

As Kids: You are the model and your dad is the photographer. He takes all the pictures from all the crazy angles like a pro and you end up looking the best.

As Adults: Your friends, friends’ friends, and some other people click pictures of themselves with you being hidden somewhere in the back. In the end, you beg all to WhatsApp all the ugly pictures of you.

The Guest List

As Kids: You chose them. You know who all are your favorite friends and who are your enemies.

As Adults: They chose you. They decide if they should go to your party or not. Then, be it your friend, enemy or frenemy, no one would care about you really wanting to see them in your party or not.

birthday party checklist



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Birthdays as Kids V/S Birthdays as Adults

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