Dangerous things in everyday life which can get you killed : What you expect Vs What might happen

Are you a person who likes to live dangerously? They say “Live dangerously and you live right“. Well, they said it right. Living dangerously will give you a taste of freedom and fearlessness. Moreover, there are a lot of dangerous things which we do in our everyday life thinking that they are safe but they aren’t. Every day we face these situations which can even put our life in threat if not done with proper care and concern. So, we have listed a few dangerous things which we do every day which can even get you killed. So be careful and stay safe.

Seemingly Harmless Things That Could Actually Kill You: What you expect Vs What might happen 

1. Getting out of Bed;

Who would have thought that waking up in your own bed can also kill you? The risk is there though small but it exists. There is a 1 in 20,000 chance of getting fatally injured while getting out of bed or couch. Approximately 150 people die every year falling out of bed in the wrong position. So wake up right and stay alive.



They say “Cooking is an art” but all art requires knowing about its techniques and methods. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 20,000 fatal accidents occur every year while cooking an everyday meal.

3. Charging and Chatting on your phone

If the battery of your phone is faulty then there is a chance that it might explode while using the phone while charging it. People have gone deaf with such incidents. So, avoid talking while charging and stay protected. 

4.Smoking at a gas station

Though the signs clearly state gas stations to be in no smoking zone but people still neglect them. It is something which can cause a great harm by setting the whole place on fire.

5. Messy Wires

Short circuits are very common in our homes and workplaces where the wires are just left messy. These short circuits can lit up the whole place on fire or might give you the shock of your life. 

6.Texting while driving and crossing the road

Now that we are living in the digital age, everyone is hooked with their phones 24*7. But one should avoid using a phone while driving or crossing the road or it might be the last text of your life. Stay alerted, stay safe. 

7.Standing close to the line at metro stations

Metro stations are crowded places where many people are always in rush. Lots of people die on metro stations by falling on the track either by a sudden change in air pressure or someone pushing them. Don’t get too close to the track and stay alive. 



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Dangerous things in everyday life which can get you killed : What you expect Vs What might happen

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