Every Delhi Girl in the World vs Every Bombay Girl in the World.

Delhi and Mumbai are known for their bold and flamboyant chicks. Everyone knows it’s not easy to handle a girl especially if she is from Delhi Or Mumbai. So what exactly makes Delhi and Mumbai girl different from each other. Here, we have listed some of the traits of Delhi and Mumba chicks to help you understand the complex world of these city girls. So, let’s take a look.

Every Delhi Girl in the World vs Every Bombay Girl in the World

Show off?

“Hey look, what did I buy? Yeah, it’s branded Zara’s 50K dress. Isn’t it wow? I mean, amazing. Yes?” Can you guess who can say such lines among these two? Yes, you’re right. It’s none other than the typical show off Delhi girl. No doubt, you can’t judge a girl by her city but yes, you’ll find a lot of shows off girls in Delhi as compared to Mumbai. They like flaunting and maybe, it’s not that bad too. Is it? Umm.. ?

Foul language?

“Aye kutte, chal side hat jhalle! “ whenever the word Jhalle comes, it’s none other than our so called Sanskari Delhi girls. They’re more expressive, outspoken and direct. When they don’t like anything, they will abuse. They will speak aloud. And we don’t think it’s wrong. Why should boys have all the fun? They’re daring and won’t hesitate to use foul words in public when it’s really needed. Whereas, the typical Bombay girl will not use foul words as much but will try to shout like “ hey you bloody moron, mind your business. Agrh” different ways you see?

Glamour? Fashion diva?

Well, this is going to be a tough one. Both Delhi and Mumbai girls are equally fashionable and glamorous. But the level, the styling, and charisma of a typical Delhi and Mumbai girl is a different story altogether. Mumbai, being the  Bollywood capital is way more sophisticated than Delhi. Whereas, Delhi, is a bit behind than Mumbai when it comes to fashion. So according to this, Mumbai wins here.

In the end, the boldness and confidence of Delhi girls are mistaken for their arrogance and over smartness. Mumbai girls, on the other hand, are more judgmental and manipulative. Delhi girls are egoistic and straight forward whereas Mumbai girls are more open and friendly.

So here it is. These differences are based on some research and we request our readers to not take anything personally. No offense people.

We hope you Enjoyed!

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Every Delhi Girl in the World vs Every Bombay Girl in the World.

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