How Your Friends Treat You V/S Behave With Your Parents!

Friends are important and if we talk about our best friends, we know each and everything about them. From the underwear they wearing to the person they got a hickey from. But, do they behave the same in front of your parents? Don’t they just stop all the nonsense they are talking the moment your parents step in? Agreed! They do. Let’s see how your friends behave with your parents and how they treat you.

The Way They Treat You V/S Behave with Your Parents

Your friends might not know how to behave with friends, but they definitely know how to behave good with friends’ parents. They always have that list of good manners ready whenever they see your parents around. They know how to behave with others and you are too close to them to be counted as ‘others’. Let’s have a look at all the fake games they put in front of your parents and how they behave with you when no parent is seeing.

1. Sitting Style

Friends with your parents:  Straight-up and hands on the lap. “I sit like this only.”

behave with your parents

Friends with you: Legs on your lap or on the side of the sofa. “Pass on that packet of chips.”

2. Dinner Time

Friends with your parents: “I’ll just have this bread. I am already feeling so full.”

P.S. Eating with all the etiquette and with the proper use of forks and knives.

Friends with you: “Do not even dare to look at the last slice of pizza.”

P.S. Hands are enough to eat. You can lick them as well without wasting any food.

3. The exam questionnaire

Friends with your parents:  “All the exams went great. I did the best I could.”

Friends with you: “WTF! How can the question paper be so tough. The whole thing was out of syllabus.”

4. Carrying Bags

Friends with your parents: “Lemme carry them. I’ll help you with the bags.”

Friends with you: “I won’t carry it. Carry it for sometime, then I’ll try.”

5. Being sick

Friends with your parents: *sneeze* “Nothing, it is just a sneeze. I’m okay. Change in season you know.”

Friends with you: *sneeze* “I’m dying. I guess I’ve got STDs. My whole life is ruined.”


6. Dressing up

Friends with your parents: You won’t even believe if you are looking at your best friend. From sleek hair pulled back to the tied shoes. Like Whattt?

Friends with you: That too casual look with no care about the mess in the hair or pyjamas being torn.

Image result for new girl jess wearing pyjamas

7. The Language Game

Friends with your parents: “Hello! How are you?.. How is everything else going?”

Friends with you: “The fuck are you upto, you nerd! Let’s get the shit outta here and make it a muthafckng dope weekend!”

behave with your parents

8. Weekend Plans

Friends with your parents: “I’ll just stay home and prepare for the exams.”

Friends with you: “Are you up for the club tonight, girl? I so wanna get turnt up!”

9. Religious Thoughts

Friends with your parents: “I pray a lot! I like to start my day with prayers so that my whole day can go good.”

Friends with you: *When you ask about going to a temple* “Whatt?? Ummm… What did you eat before comin’?

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How Your Friends Treat You V/S Behave With Your Parents!

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