Life is Too Short For Average Food! : Italian Vs Greek Cuisine

Which cuisine reigns supreme: Italian or Greek? It’s a subject that has gripped generations of food lovers. Well to put an end to this never ending debate we have shed some light on these exquisite cuisines: Italian Vs Greek Cuisine.

Life is Too Short For Average Food! : Italian Vs Greek Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine has a great influence all over the world and is itself diversified due to its regional diversity. The Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity with ingredients as less as four to eight ingredients per dish. Just like the French cuisine cheese and wine are also an important part of the Italian cuisine. The main ingredients of Italian cuisine include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, maize, wine, cheese, rice, sausages, pork and fish such as cod or baccala. Italian pizza is quite famous all over the world.


Pasta, risotto, and polenta are also some of the major food items of Italy. In fact, in Italy, you will find a variety of pasta like spaghetti, rigatoni, fusilli, and lasagne. In fact, people say that the food from northeast Italy has German influence and food from south of France has a more Italian taste. Furthermore, many international cuisines improvise on their cuisines by developing the basic Italian cuisine.

Greek Cuisine

The Greek cuisine has an influence of the Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, the greek cuisine uses a lot of olives and olive oil in its cooking as Greece was the first cultivator of olive trees. Wheat and barley are some of the important grains that are used in the Greek cuisine. The Greek food is mostly made of olive oil. The first of olive trees were cultivated in Greece. The wine was invented in Greece and therefore it forms an integral part of Greek cuisine.

The Greeks have developed their food on the ideas of Balkans, turkey, and the Arabs and therefore it includes the taste from different parts of the world. Greece has a total of nine regional cuisines each being unique and exotic. The Greeks focus on seafood like fish and octopus and farm food such as poultry, rabbit, pork, lamb and goats. Eggplants and courgettes, cucumbers, silverbeet, and tomatoes are some of the main ingredients of the Greek cuisine along with olive oil. Furthermore, the Greek cuisines use Oregano, thyme, lives and various other herbs for seasoning. In dessert, Greeks focus on doughnuts, baklava, vanilla slice etc.


Italian Cuisine has given us some of our favorite dishes such as spaghetti, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagne, cannelloni, pizza, and risotto. Greek Cuisine, on the other hand, has food traditions built on a sensible diet built around wheat, olive oil, and wine. Both these splendid cuisines have something innovative and delicious to offer.

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Life is Too Short For Average Food! : Italian Vs Greek Cuisine

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