Parents’ Brag Sheet or Yours? Who Is Better at Show Offs?

Be it you bragging about money or your parents bragging about your high test scores, sometimes somethings need some attention. You know at least one friend who brags about everything he/she does in the day. Admit it! But, what about the different things that we and our parents brag about. Is the age difference responsible for the diversity in brag-able stuff in any way? Let’s take a sneak peek into our Parents’ Brag Sheet and see if it is dapper than ours.

Parents’ Brag Sheet V/S Your Show Off List

If you are not able to think of someone who brags, then it is definitely ‘YOU’. And, I know you think a lot about the question ‘how to stop bragging?’, but it is okay. As all this bragging game is in your genes. It is inherited to you. Let’s know more by comparing your and your parents’ brag list.

Parents' Brag Sheet

Bathroom Achievements

Parents: “I drink a lot of water and pee 10 times every 2 hours. That’s how I still look young. You can also get the skin like me”.

You: “I am down with 6 beers and no pee till now. What ’bout this, mate!”.


Whatsapp Videos

Parents: “See this, my nephew just learned how to walk. Isn’t it so cute!”

You: “Jessica just sexted me. Isn’t she a total catch?”


The Shoe Game

Parents: “I bought those new running shoes and they are padded and feels soft like hell”.

P.S. No brand stuff to be flaunted here.

You: “That yeezy and the hip game is on”.

P.S. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are cutting you or you are bleeding AF!

Parents' Brag Sheet


Job Status Told

Parents: “I worked 4 jobs and raised you. And, you can’t even wake up on time”.

You: “It’s been the third day I did not go to work. I told my boss that I’m sick AF!”


Drinking Matters

Parents: ” I drink 2 liters of water in morning. I know this is difficult, but you see I can drink it to stay fit”.

You: “New Year’s eve and 15 shots down babes. Beat it if you can”.

Parents' Brag Sheet


Relationship Talks

Parents: “Your dad was the only one. You can wait and the right one will come to you”.

You: “Girl, Justin is cute! After Jonas and Jade, I thought I’ll become a spinster. But mom is right, right men keep crossing my way”.


Shopping Goals

Parents: “Guess, how much I paid for this? $5 on sale. Can you even believe?”

You: “This is ‘Gucci’, girl! It’s totally worth, you know!”


Social Media Love

Parents: “Now, I know how to use Facebook and tweet. I know I’ll be the hip mom”.

You: “Who used Facebook now? Can you just snapchat this on your handle?”


‘A’ in Tests Or ‘A’ in Lies

Parents: “My son is studying with his friends, I know this time he is going to get straight A in Maths”.

You: “My mom thinks I’m studying with you, let’s party till morning”.

Parents' Brag Sheet
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Parents’ Brag Sheet or Yours? Who Is Better at Show Offs?

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