Normal Users v/s Social Media Junkie

Is that an overstatement if I say that the social media junkies are a new kind of gender we have in the society? Aren’t they TOOO different from the normal FB, Insta users?

Where one dives deep into the social network and shares their life, on the other hand, the life of a normal person is followed by a serious set of privacy, and he is more into self-exploring.

Social Media Junkie v/s Normal Users: Which One Do You Belong To?


1. Facebook Posters

Talking about the normal users, you will mostly find them posting some of their personal photos or scrolling through other posts. Their profile picture changes once in three months.

On the other hand, the Facebook addicts or you can also term as the  ‘Facebook Posters’ are always posting or sharing some or the other thing. They are like ‘Facebook inside Facebook.’ Not only this, their life is all posted on Facebook.


2. @Tweeter-ers

Normal users, you will hardly see them on Tweeter. They tweet by their mood; you will mostly find them scrolling over and reading the tweets.

However, the ‘tweeter-ers’ are addicted from the heart and are crazy about tweeting. You will find them tweeting all the time. Besides, they are like “tweeting must go on, NMW.”. Tweeter-ers – they cannot spend a day without tweeting. You will always find them tweet on anything that trends.


3. Youtube Fans

Talking about the normal users on this base, you will find these users to find specific songs or video and entertain themselves with it. Normal Youtube Users at max share the videos on their FB timelines. That’s it! Life’s sorted. They do not like, subscribe or comment.

On the other hand, the Youtube Fans are hunters; they will search down new and unique music to videos. You will find them comment, subscribe and like all the time and most importantly, they are there for the YT wars. These social media junkie can tell you about some of the unique channels on Youtube, you have never heard of.


4. Whatsapp-ers

A large number of social media addicts exists here. As a matter of fact, even the normal social media users are little addicts here. The normal users are connected to lots of groups and have many friends, but, you will find them check their Whatsapp once in a blue moon.

However, the actual Whatsapp addicts are always on the move, and they are like the Whatsapp superheroes. You will find them replying on 3 Whatsapp Groups and 4 Chats in seconds and at the same time, they do update their story status too.


5. Snap Chit Chatters

The normal users are less bothered about the various astonishing filters in the app. Not only this but, you will find some of them are still trying to figure out what the hell this app is about!

Besides, in the recent days, the snap chat users are more popular than the users of any other social network. You will always find them clicking a selfie with the filters of Snapchat. Probably that is the creepiest social media addict in the clan till now.


6. #InstaUsers

Ahh, for the normal users, Instagram, turns out to be like a gallery. They post most of their good photos, okay, not always but at most times. They stalk fewer profiles and keep more Instagram pages to take inspirations or insights.

On the other hand, the #InstaUsers are addicted to a height where you will find them online all the time, searching for new hashtag trends and new pictures of their friends. Not only this, they are highly active in posting their pictures.


7. ?Quora

Not to leave the better IQ people behind, Here is Quora – an app for Who knows and Who does not.

However, recently it has got popular, and many users are utilizing it to learn new things and answer about what they know. Normal users for this service are mostly people who are willing to know, they search about most questions and answer very few. They do not have any goal for followers.

On the other hand, the Quora addicts are geniuses, they have already answered and asked 100+ questions and have huge followers. The Quora addicts have this habit of taking part in almost every discussion and screwing themselves.


8. Hikers

The most interesting social messaging app. The normal social media users find it pretty intriguing. With lots of stickers to explore, very few hikers are normal users, but surely they must be turning into an addict. Besides, the app is popular, but it is still not a star.

On the other side, the hiker’s addicts are already active, just like Whatsapp-ers. You will find the hikers send you the stickers you just required. In short, they just know every corner of the app. The hike is normally popular for it is exciting UI and the stickers. However, most Hikers are aware of the exciting features. This social media junkie is always ready to utilize 100% of the feature.


9. Tinder Flirters

No doubt about it, that this app has gained a lot of attention in the recent world. And why not, it is one of the most popular dating apps in today’s date.

For normal users, this app has created enormous amounts of hope. By swiping the pictures left and right and by connecting your Facebook accounts, the only thing that is done is exploring the app. The normal users are less interested in getting just any girl and are having some real genuine hopes for their lady luck.

However, when it comes to the Tinder Flirters, the name says it all. These social media junkie have made a strong social network on tinder itself with the opposite sex. Either by flirting or by talking normally, they have become popular in Tinder. In short, they are the Tinder experts. However, the Tinder flirters are always stalking on someone.



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Normal Users v/s Social Media Junkie

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