Common American Things That Indians Find Weird

For most Indians, the sole purpose of their lives revolve around visiting Amerika at least once in their lifetime. Even though the purpose of visiting the country may vary from person to person i.e., it might be employment, education or be traveling. But ever wondered about some of the common American things which are not usual in India? Did you know Americans sell guns in Wal-marts?

You might blame it on the first world and third world country difference or whatever, these things are a big reason to baffle the Indian peeps.

Most Common American Things VS The Indian Take

While these are some of the most common things that happen in America, Indians get bewildered when they see it happen for the first time.

1. Guns at Wal-Mart?

Common American Things: There is a separate section for guns in wall-mart. Walk into the weapons department and choose your toy.

The Indian Take: What!!? Guns in a store? It is so unsafe. Imagine walking into a store just to buy your favorite “weapon”.

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2. The Number of Food Choices

Common American Things: For a single product like squash, there are like 40 flavors. Yes! 40 flavors for a simple thing.

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The Indian Take: So much choice in just one grocery store. In India, to get a second flavor of the squash, you need to go to another store.

3. It is a ‘Prom’ Affair

Common American Things: Prom is an excessively ‘hyped’ affair for the American peeps. Like OMG!

The Indian Take: Why? All the Indians want to know the reason behind it. Can someone tell me the reason behind it? It is just another school-leaving party.

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4. All Professions Are Okay…How???

Common American Things: It is okay to be an electrician…or driver….or plumber or any other profession.

The Indian Take: For a country like India, where it is not okay to be anything other than a doctor, engineer, pilot or lawyer, it is hard to accept that it is okay in America.

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5. Can’t Hit Your Kids….So Lame!

Common American Things: If you hit your kids you can be put behind the bars. Your kids can actually complain about you.

The Indian Take: “Puttar nu chittar nai maar sakde aa, ae ki gal hui”. Can’t slap your kids, what kind of sorcery is this?

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6. Are Nude Beaches a Reality?

Common American Things: Those things you saw on TV where hot girls are roaming around on the beach all naked is a reality in America.

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The Indian Take: Nude American Models roaming here and there? Reality? Already got some travel plans!

7. How Do They Get to Places in Time?

Common American Things: They reach their offices in time- because traffic jams are a rare phenomenon.

The Indian Take: For a country where traffic jams are so common, this is like “haayo rabba”.

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8. Take away for Everything!

Common American Things: There is the takeaway for everything, even Starbucks.

The Indian Take: What is this deal with having a takeaway for every damn thing! Which country has a takeaway for Starbucks anyway?

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9. Parents???

Common American Things: Staying away from your parents is okay. At the age of 18, either you willingly get out or you are forced to.

The Indian Take: What? Poor old parents do not stay with you? *OMG*

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Tell us of some other ‘weird’ but common things Americans do that make no sense to you at all. The comment section awaits you.

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Common American Things That Indians Find Weird

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