Which Fragrance Would You Pick for Summers? Men vs Women

Sand and Sun, Summer has begun!. The weather is not so pleasant at all. In fact, it is really difficult to go out in summer. With all the heat and sweat dripping from your body and of course there will be a high chance of getting tanned under the sun. However, we can’t avoid our daily lives and we have to keep moving on even when its hot outside. So, let’s check out some fragrance for summers to keep you refreshed all day long.

Fragrance for Summers: Men Vs Women

We can’t avoid it. We’re totally helpless. To keep you feel fresh and calm we have listed some of the enchanting fragrances which you can choose this summer season. These fragrances which will help you feel good and of course smell good too. But the question arises, which fragrance is suitable for men and women? Let’s take a look here.

But the question arises, which fragrance is suitable for men and women?

Summer fragrances for her

Let’s talk about women first. Women need to feel confident about the way they smell and kinda different fragrance which will make them feel fresh with some floral smell. So take a look

Floral- Research show that physical attraction is based on the way you smell. Women are very picky when it comes to choosing the right fragrance. Florals are one of the best fragrances when it comes to women. These fragrances will make you feel fresh with the smell of flowers. Whether you choose soft one or fruitier one, you’ll be loving it.

Fruity- as the name describes, it will be made out of fruits. As it’s lighter than floral fragrances, it won’t let you feel sticky and hot as compared to the floral ones. So if you want to go for something lighter choose a fruity fragrance.

Woody: A light and wearable woody scent. Some different yet elegant.

Summer fragrances for him:

Men generally don’t mind about their fragrance much. They’ll like anything which will make them feel fresh and remove all that smell from the sweat. Something Refreshing and Strong!

Let’s take a look

Citrus- for feeling fresh, this will give you a feel of orange, grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon grass, lemon and other citrus fruits. Needless to say, it will give you a refreshing feel to beat the summer heat.

Aquatic- These fragrances will make you feel exotic whole day long. It’s a mixture of translucent, clean and airy scent. It will be really good for you to feel refreshed and energetic whole day. It is one of the purest forms of scent we can ever get. These fragrances have the goodness of water and an aroma which will get you hypnotized.

Spicy: If you like a wicked aroma of crushed spices then this could definitely be your best bet to try something new this summer.

Hope you liked it.

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Which Fragrance Would You Pick for Summers? Men vs Women

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