Male VS Female Shopping Styles: Who Shops Like a Pro?

Waiting in the fitting room queue with 10 dresses in your hand or just looked at the size and bought that t-shirt? Boys and girls, both are different in so many ways. But, what about their shopping styles? Are men’s shopping habits different than female shopping habits? Let’s know all about their shopping styles in this Male VS Female Shopping style war.

Male VS Female Shopping War

Male shopping behaviors or Female shopping guide? Which one do you think is easy on life or which one is too much of hard work? Following are the 10 points which can make you understand all differences between men’s and women’s shopping styles.

1. Trying Out Clothes

Boys: “This t-shirt looks good.” “Medium size is me. I’ll buy this one.”

Girls: “Will this look good?” “Lemme try these 7 dresses  and choose the best one.”

Male vs Female Shopping, girls shopping

2. How They See Colors

Boys: “This red t-shirt will work.” If you try to talk colors to them, then they might not even buy that. #fussfreelife

Male vs Female Shopping, different colors

Girls: “Should I go for cherry red or rose red? Ummm.. Lemme think about blood red and scarlet too.”

3. Bargaining Or No Bargaining

Boys: “How much is this for?…  Okay, I’m taking it.”

Girls: “How much is this for?… No, like what should I pay you for this? Okay! I’ll buy 3 more pieces, now tell me how much will that be? I won’t pay you more than this.. C’mon!”

Girls bargaining, male vs female shopping

4. Satisfaction Levels

Boys:  “I bought this cool t-shirt.” No regrets!

Girls: “I should’ve tried black also. Isn’t this blue too blue? Should I check for the exchange process?”

Male vs Female Shopping, Do I Like It?

5. Shaken Shopping Agendas

Boys: “Shopping list. T-shirt: Check, jeans: Check. Time to go home.”

Girls: “Shopping list. Black dress, Shoes, Bras.”

Bought: Make-up

“I totally forgot the shopping list. Fuck!”

Male vs Female Shopping, when you forget to buy what you had to buy

6. Confused State Of Shopping Mind

Boys: “Jeans will work.”

Girls: “I dunno if I should go for a dress or jeans.” “Should I buy both?”

Male vs Female Shopping, confused state of shopping mind

7. Time Utilised Or Wasted?

Boys: Went in. Picked the one you want and came out. Total time: 20 minutes.

Male vs Female Shopping, time utilised or wasted

Girls: Went in. Picked all that’s pretty and never came out. Total time: Let’s not talk about that.

Total time? Let’s not talk about that.

8. Reasons Of Shopping

Boys: “I totally need aa shirt for the party.”

Girls: “I broke up. I need to shop.” “I’m so bored. I should go shopping.” “I think I should just go shopping.”

Male vs Female Shopping, reasons of shopping

9. Communicating With Shopkeepers

Boys: No talks! You just ask for the size.

Girls: Talk like friends. From choosing colors to asking if you look good. Do not forget the bargaining aftermaths.

10. Shopping Habits & Add-ons

Boys: There are not much defined habits. You just go out there and pick the clothes, try them and buy them. Done!

Girls: Asking the mirror if those jeans are the right fit. Taking selfies and asking friends if you should go for that. Fighting with other girls over that one single available gorgeous dress.

“Gimme that dress, I saw that first.”

Male vs Female Shopping, girls fighting over clothes

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Male VS Female Shopping Styles: Who Shops Like a Pro?

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