Just Relax and Accept the Crazy: Problems Now vs 100 Years Before

It is easy to take things in life for granted. From decades, we people are living the same way. People come, they die, a new generation comes, and the circle keeps repeating itself. All the comforts we have today were likely unavailable 100 years ago. Still, we feel discontented with life. So to put things into perspective lets take a look at some of the common Problems Now vs 100 Years Before and let you know how thankful you should be for what you have.

Keep Calm and Accept the Crazy: Problems Now vs. 100 Years Before

What to eat? Then Vs Now

Today-” no I don’t want to eat noodles. Make something else for me or else, I’ll go and eat something outside.” we always have the choice of going out to eat and feel satisfied.

100 years back- “ Okay so we don’t have any choice. No matter we like it or not, we have to eat it. “ people didn’t have much choice at that time and ate whatever was available.

Need to earn?

Now- today, we have so many choices of earning. If someone is not good at one thing, he can simply do something else. We have a choice of education too. We can do the course we wish to and choose our desired career.

100 years back- Need to earn? We don’t have so many choices. If we need to earn, we have to do what job is available. Also, the choice of doing our own type of job and education too wasn’t there. tough times.

Birth control?

Now- Now, this one is a big issue you see. After marriage how can you make love without making babies? With the invention of birth control measures, sex became a recreational activity. All thanks to birth control. Good times!

100 years back- After getting married, it’s kinda obvious that they’re going to make love daily and because of that, we can end up having 8-10 kids.

Getting married to the person you love?

Now- Do you want to marry someone? So what’s the big deal? You can simply tell your parents and get married to the one you love.

100 years back- the only way to get married is only when your parents will find a person for you. Also, you’re not supposed to see their face too. You can’t say no. You don’t have a choice. Crazy times!

and always remember “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”.

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Just Relax and Accept the Crazy: Problems Now vs 100 Years Before

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