Summer Vacation Expectations VS Reality: How Well Are You Spending the Season?

We all wait for *that* time of the year when we can finally wear those summer breezy dresses and chill at the max. But, does it always go according to the plan? How many times have you thought “Where to holiday this summer?” or prepared your holiday packing list? Wait, did it even happen? Let’s talk about all these KLPDs in this summer vacation expectations vs reality war.

Summer Vacay Expectations VS Reality: Trust Me! You’re Not Alone.

1. Squad Goals On Hold

Expectations: “I am gonna party every day”, “Let’s keep the drinks flowing”.

Vacation expectations vs reality

Reality: “I’m too lazy to get up. Just a minute.”

Image result for lazy in bed gif

2. Beach Calling Or Never-ending Movies

Expectations: “Lemme rock the beach this summer”, “Beach parties are the best!”

Image result for beach parties gif

Reality: *After watching 3 seasons in a row* “Just one more episode to go” 

Image result for watching netflix gif

3. Summer Flings Redefined

Expectations: Summer time and love is in the air. I am more than willing to have a summer fling going on.

Image result for summer fling gif

Reality: So many dating apps and no chances of any fling. Either I am friendzoned or brozoned! Oh! maybe I am the one lazy ass who just wants to stay in the bed for hours.

4. ‘Cause Summer Trips are Must

Expectations: “I am gonna travel places this summer”. “Gonna be the best vacations”.

Reality: “Darn! It’s too hot to step outside. Fuck it”.

expectations vs reality, summer vacation plans

5. Perfect Plan of Beauty Sleeps

Expectations: “I’ll sleep whole day”. “Gonna get that beauty glow after all”.

Reality: “Still binging on the popcorns and Netflixing”. 

expectations vs reality, netflix on the go

6. Straightening Up the Priorities

Expectations: “I’ll figure out what the hell is going on with my life”. “I’ll set up my life goals”.

expectations vs reality, figuring out life

Reality: *Watching movies or partying out* No fucks given to life goals.

7. Social Media Goals

Expectations: “I need to update my profiles”. “Only 40 people are following me. Wait, do I need to post nudes?”

Reality: Still posting those open-mouthed shit pictures.

selfie love, expectations vs reality

8. Those Vacay Dressing Dreams

Expectations: “Summer dresses are so fun”, “Breezy and no fuss of layering up the clothes”.

expectations vs reality, summer dressing

Reality: Sitting inside in jummies and munching snacks.  “Too hot to wear those dresses”.

9. Vacations’ Perfect Tan VS Sunburns

Expectations: “These celebs’ skin is so love. I’m gonna get that natural beach tan”.

Reality: “Did I forget to recheck my holiday essentials checklist and skipped that sunscreen? Sunburn, urgh!!”

From itching to rashes! Pheww!

expectations vs reality, vacation tan dreams

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Summer Vacation Expectations VS Reality: How Well Are You Spending the Season?

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