Types of People in Delhi Metro: How Girls Behave VS How Boys Behave

Are you claustrophobic at the idea of having more than 10 people around you? If it is so, chances are that you would pass out in the Delhi Metro. In fact, this travel exercise is the perfect example of reasons-why-I-hate-travelling-in-the-metro. Everyone behaves weird in the Delhi Metro, but there is a slight difference between the behavior of boys and girls.

Delhites in Metro: Girls VS Boys

Before the pleasant metro lady tells you that you have reached your destination, there is a lot that you have been through. However, while boys have a journey of their own, girls have their own tete-a-te. Here is how differently the two behave in the ‘Great-Indian-Delhi-Metro’.

1. Offering Seats

Here is what happens when an old lady enters the metro.

Girls: *Start staring at boys like – It’s their responsibility*

Boys: *Act like they are sleeping OR busy on the phone OR anything- just busy*

Image result for sleeping in metro gif

2. Boarding a metro full of people from the other sex

Girls: Girls are scared even at the thought of finding themselves alone in a group of men.

Boys: Guys just love it. What better than having a metro full of girls. Sounds like Bliss!

Image result for all girls n 1 boy in metro

3. Eating

Girls: You can find them eating everywhere and anywhere.

Boys: The rule compliant ones, you would never find them eating.

Well, exceptions are always there.

Image result for eating in metro

4. Reading Books

Girls: Holding a copy of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ in their hands would be a girl who doesn’t care about all the brakes the metro gives em.

Boys: Boys and books? Too busy checking out girls to read books in the metro #NOTSTEREOTYPING

Image result for reading books in metro

5. Checking People Out

Girls: Girls check out anyone and everyone. They check out all the hot guys and the girls as well! They want to check out anyone and everyone to say the least! *Oh that girl is wearing a dress, let’s stereotype her*

Boys: Just interested in girls! They don’t care about the guys! However hot the other guy is, they don’t care. They only care about the girl in the compartment. Guys can do whatever!

6. Cribbing

Girls: Cribbing cribbing and more of cribbing. Cribbing about the guys, the metro, the school, the college, everything. We are girls and we love cribbing about everything.

Boys: Boys don’t really like to crib. They just put on their headphones and do not give a damn to the world.

Image result for girls cribbing in metro

7. Pointing out what they are doing wrong

Girls: Always ready to point out why the guy should get up and give the seat to the old aunty and they shouldn’t. Now, this is sad and girls need to change here.

Boys: Boys are the weaker links who already know they are the ones who will have to get up. PS- Some pretend to sleep though!

Whoops! So girls and boys aren’t so similar- actually NEVER similar. While one is the north pole of politeness the other is the south pole of whatever. Anyway, how are your metro experiences? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Types of People in Delhi Metro: How Girls Behave VS How Boys Behave

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