‘Atulya Bharat’ – Myths in the World VS The Bubble Breaker

Today, the world is connected stronger than ever! And, we have been moving around the globe. Touched the Moon and came back, but deep down, some apprehensions still need some straightening out. We read books and google about places. But, do they tell you all? One negative thing spreads 10 times faster than a positive note. In the same way, views about India in world might not be fact-based. Let’s dive deep down in the reality of the nation.

Views about India in World: You Don’t Know the Whole Truth!

Be it about India in view of foreigners or what world thinks about India, some of the realities, hidden beneath the sheet of perceptions, needs revelation.

1.India is All About Elephants and Snake Charmers

Myth: Indian streets are full of snake charmers and elephants roaming around. At every turn, you can see people putting up a snake show.

Views about India in World

Reality: Like most of the countries, Indian streets and roads are also filled with anything but snake charmers. You might see a few displaying and trying to keep the sneak peek of the culture evidence, but not everywhere.

P.S.  If you are thinking about the elephants, we hid the elephants in wildlife sanctuaries long back.

2. India Displays Only Old Monuments

Myth: India is all about the historical monuments like Hawa Mahal, Jaipur or Qutub Minar, Delhi.

Reality:  What about Infosys’ building in Pune? Umm ok, Auroville Dome in Puducherry? Or how can you forget world’s largest training centre, Infosys Multiplex in Mysore?

Views about India in World
Infosys Multiplex in Mysore


3. India Being the Country of Hindus

Myth: India is a place where all the Hindus live.

Reality: Okay! The percentage of people belonging to different religions:

Hinduism (79.8%), Islam (14.2%), Christianity (2.3%), Sikhism (1.7%), Buddhism (0.7%), Jainism (0.4%), and Other religions (0.7%). (Source). Now. help yourself to decide.

4. ‘Indian’ is the Language of India

Myth: India is the country and thus, the language will be Indian. Which is actually another synonym of ‘Hindi’ for many people. Some people also think the language is Hindu.

Reality: While going through the English-speaking population in the world, the rank of India in world is 2nd (Source). Also, According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. And, as per the constitution, there are 22 languages.

Some of them are: 

Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Meitei, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, TamilTelugu, etc. (Source)

5. India & the Evergreen Summer Season

Myth: India is renowned for its summers. Indian summers are famous and people feel this is one of the most humid and hot places in the world. But, is it true?

Reality: The maximum temperature in India is around 50-55 degrees. Also, what about the places like “Dras“, a place in Jammu & Kashmir, which is one of the coldest places in India and often touted as the second to the coldest place inhabited on Earth. (source)

Views about India in World

6. Spices & Curries- The National Food of India

Myth: India is famous for spices and curries. The food which Indian people love to eat every now and then.

Views about India in World

Reality: Indian cuisine is way above just staying limited to curries and spices. India is rich in spices and it is a thing to feel proud about. Other than that, curry is delicious as well. It doesn’t make you beneath anyone if you like eating it.

7. India’s National Game: Cricket

Myth: India is all pumped about cricket. And, people love their national game, i.e. Cricket.

Reality: Hockey! We know India is all about cricket, but hockey is the national sport of India. Did you forget that the U.K. is all about football, but Cricket is their national sport?

Views about India in World

8. India is Only For Religious Trips

Myth: India is a place where you go and experience inner peace. You see temples around India.

Reality: If you are one of the foreigners who think India is not happening, lemme tell you, there are many foreigners living in India, who work here and party as well. Places like Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore are known for their party nights.

Views about India in World

9. India is Not a Healthy & Clean Place to Live

Myth: India is not clean and living there is not good for hygiene. You can get diseases in India.

Reality: You can get diseases anywhere in the world. Along with that, there are many places in India, which are cleaner than places around the world. Been to Chandigarh and Mysore? No, next time go there and decide for yourself.

Views about India in World

Oh, I forgot, heard on ongoing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

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‘Atulya Bharat’ – Myths in the World VS The Bubble Breaker

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