The Dating Dilemma- Dating Older Guys VS Younger Guys

Let’s talk about tinsel-town’s Bebo and her husband, the Nawab of Bollywood. Bebo was just 11 when Saif married his first wife Amrita Singh. The age gap between Donald and Melania Trump is a whopping 23 years. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling have an age difference of 26 years as well. But does age matter? Does this whole hype around ‘dating older guys’ or ‘dating the toy boys’ make any difference in a relationship?

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What happens While Dating Older Guys VS Younger Guys?

Ever wondered about the differences between dating older guys and younger guys? Well, here is a round-up of the difference between the two.

1. Maturity

Younger Guys: The younger guys are presumed to ‘kiddish’ or a little immature when it comes to handling the relationship.

You put a DP with some other guy, you never know he might judge you. There, immaturity!

Older Guys: Obviously, ‘old’ is synonymous to maturity. So when there is a fight between the two of you, the older guy keeps his calm. Experience does count, after all.

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2. Sex

Younger Guys: Younger guys might be good but as I said experience does matter and they don’t have it as much.

Older Guys: The older guys are said to be much better in bed. Maybe it is the experience, maybe it is the patience or maybe it’s just that they have had it so much more than others.

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3. The party prototype?

Younger Guys: They love partying and going to dates with you. Partying is always a good idea for them.

Older Guys: The idea of a ‘perfect’ party for the older guys is being alone with you or going out with people that can be trusted – not really the party prototype.

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4. Sugar Daddy VS Toy Boy

Younger Guys: Toy Boy- That is what the society thinks of ’em.

Older Guys: People think you are dating a Sugar Daddy. We all know what happens from here- the judging starts. People judges you for using them for money or for fame and all the shiz. It might not be true always, right?

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5. What’s exciting for them both

Younger Guys: Let’s go to a party OR Let’s go on a fun trek, OR Let’s go and enjoy at someone’s house OR Let’s get sloshed tonight. Yep, this is interesting for them.

Older Guys: Let’s sit at home and watch some movies with popcorn. So exciting! Really? Damn!

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6. Moving In

Younger Guys: The younger guy makes you feel like a ‘babysitter’. Their wardrobe is messed up, they can wear the same underwear for a week and even survive on junk for the whole year. Urgh!!

Older Guys: Moving In with an older guy is more like moving in with ‘mommy’. They’ll take care of you, are more organized and so much better when it comes to being particular about things.

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7. Priorities

Younger Guys: Not very clear about their priorities in life. It’s easier for them to screw up!

Older Guys: They know it and their priorities are damn clear. Aha!

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So the answer to what age range should I date is…

There is no science here, it’s all about your preferences peeps!

I am sure you have dated at least one of the two guys. How has your experience been? Let us know in the comment section below.

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The Dating Dilemma- Dating Older Guys VS Younger Guys

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