Education Abroad Seems So Cool to Indians! Studying in India vs Studying Abroad

Studying in India VS Studying abroad‘ – What would you prefer? When we think of the Indian education system, we all get kind of scared, don’t we?  Just thinking about the exams makes our palms sweaty, our legs become shaky and our mind is scared AF and education abroad seems so much better. But why? Learning is supposed to be fun, right? Then why is it different here?

Have we, in India, been mistaking how education needs to be done? Or have we made it look so? Have we been teaching our kids in a wrong way? Ouch!

Indian Education VS Foreign Education – *Ahem! Ahem!*

After completing a particular age, we all want to go abroad for further studies. But why at all? Doesn’t our own country have the best of infrastructures and facilities? Why is everyone craving to go abroad?  Here are a few differences between the Indian Education System and education abroad which give the answers to all your whys.

1. Let us ‘mug up’ VS Understanding ‘the thing’

India Education System: In India, students run on the principle of ‘mugging up’ everything they can and everything they can’t as well.
Mugging Up is the golden rule which thou shall never forget. Otherwise, thou shall not get good grades.
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Education Abroad: The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students focus more on learning rather than just mugging it up. If they are talking about a steam engine and you know what it is, you can score well. You don’t need to mug up a definition for it.

2. The Dress Code

India Education System: While all the schools have a mandatory uniform in India, there are a few colleges as well who don’t spare students. Yes, uniform in college as well. Ouch!
Education Abroad: Tell a foreign kid he has to wear a uniform to school and he’ll reply with: Uniform!!?? To school? But why?

3. What Matters

India Education System: It doesn’t matter whether you learn something or not- Get grades, get a degree and become a doctor or engineer. That is all that matters!
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Education Abroad: In abroad, the people believe in the fact that unless you genuinely learn something, no use in mugging it up. Become a photographer, but be the master of your trade.

4. Business Strategy VS Let us learn

India Education System: Education is more of a business these days with schools, colleges and universities are earning from everything including hostels, school fees, other fees and what not! Who cares if the student is actually learning something!
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Education Abroad: No doubt the education is expensive for foreign students, but for students from their own country, they offer education at subsidized rates. Moreover, they haven’t made it a business where they are looking for profits-ALWAYS!
P.S.- Exceptions are always there.

5. Parents mindset

India Education System: All your parents want from you is that you must get into some good college and become a doctor or an engineer or get into government services. All other professions don’t get into their mind and are not understandable.
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Education Abroad: Whatever you do, just get out of the house and fend for yourself once you are 18. Do what you like but be independent!

6. Technology in India VS Abroad

India Education System: While some schools are advancing, most schools still use the traditional chalk and board to impart knowledge to their students.Image result for class teacher bollywood gif, funny teacherEducation Abroad: Tablets, PCs, the whole digital world, you name it and they are using it. Education abroad is much advanced as compared to India.

7. It’s all about IIT and IIM

India Education System: Whatever you do, just get into IIT  or IIM and your entire neighborhood would praise your intelligence.
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Education Abroad: Just do something good in your life and fend for yourself. That is the only mantra these peeps follow.

Education Abroad it is then?

Want to travel abroad for further studies? We know, we know! The pain is inevitable as the education abroad is extremely expensive. Don’t worry, though! We all have been there and done that so ‘this too shall pass’.

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Education Abroad Seems So Cool to Indians! Studying in India vs Studying Abroad

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