Indian Family System VS American Families Today

Culture plays a major role in creating all the rules and regulations in the families. Be it Indian family system or American families today, every type tries to incorporate something belonging to their culture. We know there are many differences between American and Indian cultures, nonetheless, both do a great job when it comes to leaving us with a moment of laughter.

Indian Family System VS American Families Today: Which Family Would You Opt For in Next Birth?

1.Movie Times Be Like

American Families: From all the romantic classics like Titanic to Fifty Shades of Grey, you can watch it if you are an adult.

Indian Families: You and your parents watching a movie and sneaking out of the room when the adult scenes show up. You can not afford to sit in the room and looking in your parents’ eyes afterward.

2. When Results Are Out

American Families: ‘B+’. It is okay! At least you do not have to repeat a year.

Indian Families: ‘A’. You are so gone. Your parents see this A as F. “What about A+?”

3. When You’re Grounded

American Families: You have been coming late and drinking. Your parents get annoyed and ground you for a week. So, stay at home and so not go out except school or college.

Indian Families: India doesn’t believe in the grounding system. When parents can easily approach that Jutti on the ground, then who care about grounding?

4. Dressing Style

American Families: Shorts are cool as summers and clothes do not get along well. Bikinis are made for beaches, then what is wrong with them?

Indian Families: One knee-lengthed dress and 10 comments from your parents or brother. You simply can not look like .. umm, a hoe, as per them.

5. Liberties Cum Rights’ Awareness

American Families: You know your rights. Your parents can not force you to anything. Be it gettin’ married or leaving the house.

indian family system

Indian Families: Arranged marriages get fixed and you get invited like a guest. They won’t ask you if you are ready or not. They know you better.

6. Boys’ Talks

American Families: “The girl is so hot! I should totally call her over.” “Not a booty call, but may be for hanging around a bit.”

indian family system

Indian Families: “Don’t even look at that girl. Teri bhabhi hai oh!

7. Parents With Other Parents

American Families: Transparency. They know their kids and boasting about them is not worth it.

Indian Families: It is all about boasting. Your relatives should be aware of that A your son got in the test.

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Indian Family System VS American Families Today

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