We All Send Normal Texts to Our Boyfriends, How about Making It *Interesting* AF?

Remember those times back in the 90s when mobile phones did not exist and the in-love couples used *letters* to communicate? Thanks to the technology, the “wait time” has gone down as we have 24*7 access to texting and …umm.. sexting. 😛 In fact, the text message statistics speaks a lot about this *love game*.

After taking the big leap, right from the “pigeon generation” to the “picking you up in 5”, we have become boring AF as well. I mean trust me, I have sneaked into my parents’ love letters and let me tell you, none of us can match that cheesy-cum-naughty level.

Text Message Statistics: Normal Texts —-to—-> Interesting Ones

We send so many texts every day to our loved ones, but are we just getting BORING? GDM, GDN, I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU and the boring list is neverending. How about bringing a twist to these *usual* lines? Read on to make all your boring texts kinky AF.

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1. Replying to the I love you text

So he sends you a cute I love you. Instead of sending him the usual *ILY* or *I love you* or *love you* text, send him something like:

Interesting Reply 1: “All of me loves all of you.” -Enough said

Here is another one: “Every time you say that I go weak in the knees.

And, another one: “I love you more than I did a minute ago.”

2. The naughty texts

Wanna Sext with your boyfriend? Instead of telling him I want to sext, why not send him something like this:

Interesting Text 1: I am a bad, bad girl. Let us get worse together.

And, this one: “I am not wearing anything underneath my skirt *wink smiley*”

How about this one: “Q: Do you know what time it is?” A: #hornyhour

3. Simple I miss you? Nah!

The plain *I miss you* we all know, but how about sending something which is a bit jazzier.

Interesting Text 1: “You are all I can think about right now and every time, I miss you.

Here is one moreI miss you, here is a virtual hug from my side.

And, one more: “Please get your ass next to mine asap, I miss the shape of you.

4. The Goodmorning Text

We get good morning texts from so many people, how can we differentiate it from others? Try this.

Interesting Text 1: “Have a beautiful morning sexy, just wanted you to know, I woke up thinking about you.

And, Interesting Text 2: “I’ll have a good morning if I have you for breakfast in bed today.

How about a quote: “Every morning with you reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one.

5. The Goodnight Text

Goodnight or GDN is so lame and old and cheesy! How about something new?

Interesting Text 1: “I am in my bed, you are in your bed, one of us is in the wrong place. Nighty Night!

And, Interesting Text 2: “Goodnight! Hope you have wet dreams.”

6. Let’s meet today!

So you wanna have some really hot sex. Instead of saying “let’s have sex tonight”, how about something more raunchy?

Interesting Text 1: “Are you butt dialing? Because I swear that ass is calling me.

And, Interesting Text 2: “Up for some hanky panky?

And, here is another one: “Hungry……Wanna eat………me out?

7. Pick up lines

You like that girl but just can’t say it directly to her? How about a cheesy but cute pickup line?

Interesting Text 1: “You didn’t tell me you play cricket, cause I am just clean bold.

And, Interesting Text 2: You don’t look like a broom, but you just swept me off my feet.

PS- Text Message Statistics say kinky text are more likely to lure your girl/ guy when compared to plain ones.

So you know what to do now! The next time you want to send him a simple ‘I love you’ text, why not spice it up and send something hot and cheesy instead. If not anything, it will definitely make him love you more and appreciate the efforts you put in.

Follow these easy hacks we got from the usual text message statistics. Text him and let us know how it changes your relationship.

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We All Send Normal Texts to Our Boyfriends, How about Making It *Interesting* AF?

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